I met the four guys, Nicklas, Anders, Brian and Casper from Trash metal band Electric Hellride, in an industrial backyard in Copenhagen, Denmark. They were carefully packing their equipment in a Tuborg band van, getting ready for a gig.

After a little wait, we embarked on a five hour drive to Frederikshavn with loud heavy metal on the stereo, and lots of beer.

For the four band memebers, this weekend was all about being loud and having fun, taking a break from the daily routines with family and work. Somewhat of a hellride.

A five hour bus ride later, we reached the destination: Frederikshavn in Northern Jutland. The time was spent on putting up merchandise, mingling with other bands, practicing a bit and eating a nice stew. Not just rock ‘n’ roll;-)

Sound check! A lot of technicians were running back and forth – and a smoke machine was making a heavy fog! But Electric Hellride performed the sound check very seriously, without too much of an attitude.

The lead singer, Casper, had a sour throat. Tea to the rescue. Perhaps not the heavy rockers favorite drink, but whatever works (when You’re forty years old…).

Casper Villumsen drikker the - Electric Hellride backstage ved Hammer Smashed Face i Frederikshavn, 2019

And finally: Showtime. This is what the band members have spent hours and hours of work on; A 60 minute of adrenaline rush when they transform from being nice guys to wreak havoc on stage…

After the show: Once again back to being nice guys, respectfully giving hands to others and once again packing down equipment minutiously. Transformation reversed.

Electric Hellride ved Hammer Smashed Face i Frederikshavn, 2019

For further info: Have a look at Electric Hellrides official webcave!

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