I offer services in web design,  photography and videography and visual storytelling . This includes documenting events and places, making photo stories and videos for web and SoMe. My goal is to make the viewer think “I wanna go there/try that too,” when they explore a story.

My clients are typically smaller organisations as ie. schools, churches, musicians, sports organisations and smaller companies.

I charge a flat rate of 600DKK/80 EUR per hour of work.

Web Design

CMS based website: I work with content management based websites a lot – typically WordPress, but other CMSs also. I typically set up wordpress websites with themes, and customize them as needed.

Campaign websites: A CMS isn’t always necessary for campaign websites. Static sites are typically nice and fast. I develop static sites using various frameworks and static site generators if needed.


Event photography:

When working with event photography, I typically act as a fly on the wall, photographing the event as it unfolds. The outcome is a set of images telling the story about the event, and the images are typically used on web and SoMe by the client.

One hour of event photography typically leads to two hours of image selection and editing.

Photo stories:

A photos story communicates a theme in pictures. I typically make photo stories of places, buildings and experiences.

A photo story typically takes a bit more planning than event photography, as it is typically shot over several days. The weather has to behave according to the desired mood in the story, and that’s not always easy in Denmark.


Event videography:

Event videos can typically be divided into two categories: Videos documenting entire events, as ie. public speaks, and brief videos showing highlights from an event.

Both types of event videos are typically used for web and SoMe.

Short videos:

A short video is a story that communicates a theme in pictures. I typically make short videos of places, buildings and experiences.

A short video typically takes a bit more planning and editing than event videography, as it is typically shot over several days.

Visual Stories for SoMe

Design and layout of the story are key elements when I work on a visual story. The visual stories I work on combine photos, video, graphics and (a bit of) copy into a publication.

When I work on a visual story, the starting point is typically the media it will communicated in. Is it a story on print, a web site, or a social platform?

Workshops & Speaks

I have been a lecturer at KEA and the IT-University of Copenhagen for many years, and am comfortable speaking in public.

Have a look at Linkedin for further info.

I offer workshops in photography, videography & digital storytelling. Suggested topics:

  • Photography 101
  • Videography 101
  • Visual Stories about places
  • Webfeature Production
  • Frontend frameworks
  • Web design with CMS (wordpress)

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